The Arnold – 2021 – Birmingham NEC Arena

Sherburn Community Gymnastics Club were asked to showcase our Display Team routines at The Arnold.  For those of you who don’t know – The Arnold was set up as a multi sport event over a 3 day period which moves around the Globe.  It is the brain child of Arnold Schwarzenegger with his friends such as Sylvester Stallone.  It bring a multitude of competitive sports together such as Weight Lifting, Boxing, Deadlift, World Stongest Man, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Cheerleading.

The festival was a sell out of 60,000 people walking through the door to see all the sports people and what they are great at which includes our Display Team.

We had amazing comments and even better cheers when we sent our tops flying through the air.  The trampette display left the audience gasping and screaming when Josh (the group clown) faked loosing his dive roll only to then somersault at the very last minute, as well as him pulling a double somersault to land followed by a somersault over 5 peoples heads to land.

What an amazing time we all had. Some of our photographs are attached.