Normanton Competition Results Day 1

Wow! What a day of outstanding gymnastics.

First of all, a humongous well done to all of the gymnasts that took part today. For most of these gymnasts, it was their first EVER competition which is sometimes so daunting. You all competed amazingly and we’re so proud to call you gymnasts of SCGC!!

Now for the round up…

In the ‘Bronze’ category, Maisie B smashed out some gorgeous routines and claimed 4th overall. A massive achievement for one of our youngest and smallest gymnasts! Awesome job, Maisie.

In the ‘Silver’ category, we had lots of gymnasts in various age category competitions.
In the 2007 section, Nyah M worked outstandingly well to claim 1st overall! Fantastic Nyah!!
In the 2008 section, we had 3 gymnasts who all placed – Ciara M achieved 4th, Katie H placed 3rd and Maria, with the highest score of the entire round of 18.85, achieved 1st! We are blown away!
In the 2009 section, Lily-Mae H flew the SCGC flag and came away with 2nd! Super work!
In the 2010 section, a very very tough section, we had 3 gymnasts who worked their socks off to perform perfect routines. Evelyn worked so hard and performed beautifully. Sophie C achieved a 5th position and Leila T came away with a 2nd place! Such a tough category and our girls did amazingly!
In the 2011 section, it was an SCGC podium – Holly T in 3rd, Martha H in 2nd and Isobel B in 1st!! Unbelievable!
In the 2012 section, Jasmine B’s Mum was more nervous than her and Jasmine definitely didn’t show it – 1st place!!

Again, in the ‘Gold’ category, we had lots of gymnasts across the different age competitions.
In the 2004 section, Jenna B worked perfectly and snatched the 1st place position!
In the 2005 section, Rosa E did an awesome job and placed 3rd. Brilliant!
In the 2006 section, we saw another SCGC flush in 4th and 3rd – Amber T in 4th and Rosie H in 3rd! Just wow!
In the 2007 section, Evie G and Abi A shared the podium in a brilliant 4th place.
In the 2008 section, we found another SCGC podium as Clara H-M was placed in 2nd and Brooke S achieved 1st!
In the 2009 section, Talia N and Ella W found themselves in one of the biggest groups of the entire day but still worked tirelessly to make sure their routines were as perfect as they could be.

We are absolutely blown away by all of our gymnasts and their successes today. All of your hard work, determination and effort throughout everything you do is simply amazing and we couldn’t be happier for you!

A huge thank you to Holly Rowney and the team at Normanton Sports Acro for organising a brilliant competition that has allowed our gymnasts to shine.

Finally, a super massive thank you to Coaches Stephanie and Josh for supporting the gymnasts whilst they were out on the competition floor. The gymnasts couldn’t be there without you! Also, a big ‘hair-up’ thank you to Mandy for being on hand for support before the competition. To all families of our gymnasts – thank you for being as dedicated as your gymnast you deserve a medal too!

We can’t wait for day 2 tomorrow!!