Pre School Caterpillars

This session is the first of the two-part programme which focuses on children who need a little more structure to sessions. It naturally follows on from our FreeFlow pre 2 session! Our ‘Caterpillars’ will access the early stages of gymnastics, developing fine and gross motor skills, with the support of their accompanying adult. We know that some children require some structure but need the support from an adult to help with the listening and following instruction. Children will access all areas of equipment in a child-friendly fun way to ensure they remain excited and engaged throughout the session. Of course, there is a sticker at the end!

This session is recommended for children that are 2 years old and will typically be moved into the next class when your child is able to follow simple instructions independently.

The price of this session is £5.00 per session for the first two sessions then £30 per month.
The current Caterpillars session are on

  • Monday – 10.00am – 10.45am
  • Thursday – 12.00 noon – 12.45 pm
  • Friday – 10.00am -10.45am
  • Friday – 4.30pm – 5.15pm