Free Flow Pre School

This session has recently been designed to address our non-existent pre 2 years old engagement! We all know that the process from babies through to being toddlers is a little tricky, especially when your little one wants to run around constantly. This is where this session comes in.

During the session, your child will be able to explore and access all the specialised gymnastics equipment, along with the pre-school soft play, to develop their sense of exploration whilst developing their imagination. As with any physical activity, your child will be able to develop both fine and gross motor skills doing things out of the norm.

There will be 2 coaches on hand to facilitate your child’s learning through the different activities, but it is your child’s time to explore with your support. Our coaches will not be leading any activities or sessions but are there to give you support, ideas, ensure the safety of any activities and just the general chit chat!

This session is recommended for children over 6 months old up until your child is 2, or nearing a stage where they require a more structured session.

The price of this session is £5 per child which includes refreshments for both the child and the accompanying adult.